Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thoughts on E-Marketing

Marketing and advertising have always been a great interest of mine. When I first set off on my quest in college I was on a mission to get a degree in graphic design. The whole world of advertising and marketing and working in the magazine fields were my goals. However, I am going into Business Administration with a concentration in management. My goals took a little detour; I guess you can say a safer detour.

My love for designing and marketing started in high school, high school year book club. It was the designing and displaying aspect that I enjoyed. Then I took a summer to study studio art and I learned to appreciate different colors, and textures. Now, I am learning e-marketing strategies, and how to ensure that any web page I design, or business I create will be out there for the world to see.

E-marketing is defined basically as online marketing. It’s probably the easiest and fastest way to get any business, idea, or design out into the web for the whole world to see. Since e-marketing can reach around the whole world in a matter of minutes, I would even say that it may be the smartest way to market now-a-days. In an article I found doing some web research one author claimed that, “It's at the forefront of a redefinition of way businesses interact with their customers.”(1) When you think about it, it is absolutely true. Sure we still see billboards, magazines ads, and what not, but it still is not as effective and efficient as e-marketing.

Marketing online versus direct marketing has seemed to be changing the ways advertisers do their business. Online marketing insures a faster way for business’s to reach their consumers. Not only that, but it’s become more convient to market to consumers online and at the same time get there feedback, and build a list of consumer contact information to remarket to them when updates are made within a company.

In order to guarantee traffic to your web-site, one must create a great design. As my professor said, ‘You have three seconds to capture your viewers” Therefore, designing a page that is user friendly, clear navigation, and looks professional should ensure to capture viewers attention. This is where my love for designing comes in. I have always felt strongly about colors! Colors can set a mood, capture the eye, or completely destroy a page. But so can too much information, clutter on a page, and not the right key words.

Now that I have got back onto the road of my original goals, and I am revisiting the marketing, advertising, and what it takes to do great graphic designing, it has shown me why I fell in love with it in the first place. I still have way more to learn, and more to blog about. So stay tuned for the next blog on e-marketing strategies.


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